Such a lazy day

I did end up going out last night. Had a blast.

My evening started with my assessment at Maurices. Whatever that was. I just had to answer 100 questions. No interview, no talking to anyone, just fill in the bubble 100 questions. Bleh.

Then dinner with my step brother & his girlfriend. Nigel made red beans & rice. So super yummy.

Met with the old roommate, Felicia, for a movie. Such a good movie! Everyone go out & see The Debt right now!

Then went to downtown Radford with a friend of mine. Ran into the man and several other people I knew. Also tried the super yummy creme brulee stout. The stout is what did me in. 10% abv!! But oh so yummy. So totally worth the points.

Overall a wonderful night.

And an even more wonderful morning. Barely woke the man up on time for work. He forgot to set his alarm or something, I woke up 10 minutes before he needed to leave. Stayed in bed, got up a little bit later & had an omelet with his parents. Came home to the pupster & took a nice nap. Woke up from nap & made a lovely roast beef sandwich, carrot sticks & laughing cow cheese on the side, and a banana. I’m going to kick this weight’s ass!*

*I’ll get to ass kicking later though. I’m thinking right now I might just lay on the sofa with the pupster.


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