Dinner Time!

Tonight’s dinner was supposed to be more left over vegetable beef stew & another grilled cheese sandwich.

I wanted a little twist though, and little twist I got!

I went into Kroger on my way home to get some pepperjack cheese to add to my grilled cheese. I always use two slices of cheese and wanted to mix it up tonight instead of just having cheddar.

Well, while walking around Kroger & looking at all of their yummy cheeses I stumbled upon some fresh mozzerella cheese. And then some wonderful looking roma tomatoes. And basil. And the most beautiful red onion I’ve ever seen. And oh my goodness the green peppers were so lovely.

So what did I decide to do? Well of course go find a whole wheat pizza crust!

I had myself a veggie pizza. With minced garlic, olive oil, all the veggies I could stand, and fresh mozzerella & basil. Oh my goodness!

Top that off with a super yummy salad. Romaine lettuce. Cucumbers, and green pepper, and red onion, and tomato, and don’t forget the cucumber! And crumbled smooth & creamy goat cheese. Topped with a few craisins. Finish off all of that loveliness with some fat free raspberry walnut dressing.

I was a happy, happy girl.

Later there will be a brownie & milk.


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