Workout, You’ll feel better!

I did it. I totally worked out tonight.

Today was a craptastic day. A day where I wanted nothing more than to come home & bury my head under the covers.

I wanted zero part of putting on my yoga pants. My tank top. My running shoes.

I didn’t want to do it.

I popped in my DVD of “Ace of Cakes”. I put the little red emergency fall button on the treadmill. I hit start.

I didn’t want to do that, either.

I stepped on. And I kept stepping. One foot in front of the other.

Left. Right. Left. Right.

I picked up the pace.

I even ran.

Not for long. Of course not for long.

I watched “Ace of Cakes”.

30 minutes later I turned him off.

I drank some water.

I decided nope, not enough.

I turned  him back on. 2.0.

I got back on. Backwards this time.

I went 10 more minutes.

I got off.

I took my shower. Heated up my leftover veggie pizza. I added goat cheese tonight. Oh goodness was it wonderful.

I must say that I needed that tonight. A good workout. A good pizza.


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