5 Days

5 Days without a post. Goodness, what has gotten into me!!

Well, in the past 5 days here is the rundown on my life:

  • I went to the VT vs Miami game. Walked roughly 7 miles total to & from the game. Heck yes for an added cardio bonus!
  • I realized how much I hate my 2nd class at the gym. Arms & Abs. I am no longer going to go. It was making my dread my beloved Total Body Cardio. Not worth it.
  • Speaking of TBC, I need to sign up for the next class! I only have 3 sessions left. I must get on that!
  • Still no one has called me for an interview.
  • Speaking of interviews, the one I care about is going on another interview for a different company. Go him!
  • And speaking of the one I care about, we’re going back to my home town in a couple weeks to do some visiting. Pretty excited about this.
  • I’ve been cooking a lot more. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m broke or because I like it. Either way, it’s yummy.
  • And packing lunches more often. I realized the other day I have no had a frozen lunch in over a month. Go me!
  • I have rekindled my love affair with chocolate. Hear me out! I bought a bag of Dove milk chocolate. Next bag might have to be dark chocolate. I have 1-2 pieces (Sometimes 3. Don’t judge me!) every night while I read my book before bed. I’m in love with this love affair.
  • And even while carrying on my love affair with chocolate I lost 2# this week. Oh yeah! Who’s the man!
  • I apologize for still not uploading a picture of the new hair. I took one, I promise I did. But the internet was down this weekend so there was no uploading of pictures. This will happen. ASAP. I promise.

That is all.


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