Cottage Cheese FAIL!

Usually I don’t mind things that are store brand. Cheap. Same quality. Whatever.

Except I have discovered that store brand cottage cheese tastes like bleh.

I love cottage cheese. I used to eat it all the time. ALL the time. Until my mother informed me how it was made. Thanks mom!

So then patroling the WW boards I was hearing people talk about cottage cheese. How it’s so yummy. And good for you. And I decided why not give it another try! (I refuse to try greek yogurt, it just sounds icky.)

So I did. And I fell back in love with cottage cheese.

And I stuck with the good kind. You know, the $3.69 for a tub of it kind.

Let’s fast forward to a month 5 weekend payperiod month. We’re coming up on weekend #5. Guess who has no extra money. No, not even $.50.

So last night I went to stock up on my staples, you know – cheap lettuce, 1/4 gallon of milk, store brand cottage cheese. Just enough to make it until Monday. (Yay payday!!)

Heads up, Food Lion cottage cheese = Eww…

I was a little sad.

But at least I have something to eat in the house.

Monday can’t get here soon enough. I want good cottage cheese again.


One thought on “Cottage Cheese FAIL!

  1. You should try greek yogurt! I LOVE IT! I was scared to try it at first too, but I’m glad I finally did!

    As for cottage cheese, yuck! LOL

    Funny how ppl can have such differing tastes.

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