It’s 11/11/11. Make a Wish!

Did you? What was it??

I did. But I’ll never tell. If I tell it won’t come true. 🙂

Tonight is date night. I can’t wait! Going to dinner at Awful Arthur’s with the one I care about & some friends. And then we’re going to watch Carbon Leaf  play. Super excited!! The one I care about is even looking forward to the show. One of the only bands we agree on.

Today’s Menu:
B: 1 egg + 1 egg white, scrambled in olive oil. 2 slices 35cal wheat toast w/ butter spread & SF jelly. Coffee.
S: 8 chocolate covered pecans. – It was supposed to be a banana, the pecans were calling my name though.
L: Roast beef sandwich. 1/2c 2% Cottage cheese.
S: Apple or Banana – maybe with 1T of PB.
D: Steamed shrimp w/ cocktail sauce. Ceaser salad w/ dressing on the side.


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