Carbon Leaf?

Yeah. I got to meet them. What now!

One of the few bands me & the one I care about can agree on. Probably the only band we can agree on that will ever play here locally.

Went to see them Friday night. Amazing! Had a blast. Got to meet the band. They gave me a CD & everyone signed it. Oh yeah.

Saturday, felt pretty rough. Whew! Slept until noon. Got up long enough for a quick conversation & to decide that we want to take a nap. So napped until 3pm.

Got up. Chilled. Got ready. Went to dinner at the one I care about’s house. Chili, salad, & butternut squash soup. YUM! We were bums most of that evening. Ok, all of that evening.

I got to spend all weekend with the one I care about. Which was awesome.

Esp awesome seeing as today he started his 2nd shift job. Sad day for me.

I won’t get to talk to him again until tomorrow. I’m a little sad at this fact. But oh well. We will make it work. It’s what’s best for him.


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