I got the job…

But I think I’m going to turn it down.

I interviewed on Wednesday 10/26. They told me they would let me know either way. by the end of the following week. Week ending in 11/4. I never heard from them.

They called today & offered me the job. Told me they would pay $11/hr & the start date was 11/28. That doesn’t allow for a full 2 weeks notice. When you factor in the fact that I won’t see my supervisor again until 11/21 I couldn’t even give her my notice until then – which would give me a 1 week notice.

My current job would consider me not eligible for re-hire if I do not work out a 2 week notice.

Dude started crunching numbers & came up with the fact that they would have to pay me $11.73/hr in order for me to break even. Just to break even.

I told him I would not leave my current job until 12/5 – I will not leave without working a 2 week notice. And that I’m not willing to leave for a pay cut or the same pay. I require a raise. He said he would try to get me $12/hr.

Told me he would have to call me back.

I’m just not feeling this place. At all. My gut is telling me not to take it. Jobs are one thing I’ve always listened to my gut on.


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