Interesting Night…

Actually, it was pretty dull for a while.

I cooked dinner. I ate dinner. I watched the first 30 minutes of an episode of Biggest Loser. I did 2 mile walk with the dvd Walk Away the Pounds. I watched the last hour of my episode of Biggest Loser. I went to bed.

I texted the one I care about a couple times. I fell asleep.

Exciting stuff huh?

At 2am life got way interesting.

I have this little clock radio that has been on my back porch for months. MONTHS.

For some unknown reason, at 2am last night it decided to turn on. Vince Gill decided to blare through my bedroom wall. I jumped a foot out of bed. Then I realized where the music was coming from.

My clock radio next to my bed hadn’t turned on. No. It was the one outside. The one no body has touched in over a month.

Cue panic!

I checked out the window. No one out there. No animals. Notta.

No idea why it turned on.

Thankfully the one I care about was still up.

Granted, he might have laughed at my panic. And told me not to worry until I heard it turn on again.

Carried on about a 20 minute conversation. Got off the phone. And then laid there & stared at my back door for another 40 minutes.

Finally fell back asleep around 3am.


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