I’m in such a foul mood.

I swear I’m probably PMS-ing.

I haven’t had much of a conversation with the one I care about since this weekend. Stupid 2nd shift.

I texted him today & told him he should come over when he gets off work. Esp if he doesn’t have to work tomorrow. Told him I’d cook him breakfast. His reply “Maybe. I have to work on the little house tomorrow.” (Little house being what he’s moving into soon.) Granted, he does need to do this, and I have offered to help.

But my point is that I haven’t seen him in a week. I haven’t really talked to him in almost as long. I miss him. I want cuddles. I want to see him. And talk to him. And feel him. I want to be around him.

And “maybe” is just his “nice” way of saying “no.” It makes me so mad.

My cranky mood isn’t made any better by the fact that I finally heard back from that job offer. They’re going in a different direction but would like to keep me in mind for when they need a 2nd front off person. Not a problem. I understand completely, I was asking for too much money. Whatever. My issue comes from the fact that he informed me of this. Via text message.

So. I am cranky.


One thought on “Grr…

  1. Totally feel you on the work schedule thing. I haven’t seen boyfriend in 2 weeks other than about two hours last friday. Makes me sad and cranky.

    And I’m still speechless about that job thing. who does that? If it were me, I’d write them off the list. Totally unprofessional.

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