No More Back Rolls!

What what!!

Yeah, you read that right.

I was totally shocked. I mean, I haven’t really lost any weight in months. I’ve been playing with the same few pounds since I met the one I care about.

But I’ve never really looked at myself. Hell, I don’t want to.

This weekend I was getting ready & caught a glimse of myself in the mirror. I’ve gotten pretty good at avoiding them in the past few years. That is due in large part to the fact that every. single. room in my house has one. Yes, even the kitchen. Actually the kitchen has the largest of all!! Spanning a full wall. Ugh. Stupid ’80s design.

Anyway! So back to my point. I avoid mirrors. I look in them long enough to make sure that I look decent enough to walk out the front door. Sometimes I don’t even do that.

This weekend I was getting some undies out of my undies drawer & noticed myself in the mirror. More importantly I noticed my back. And more importantly than that, I noticed what was missing.

I knew I was getting smaller. Hell, I’m in a size jeans that I haven’t seen since my sophmore year of high school!! We won’t talk about how many years ago that was. So I assumed that things back there were looking better. But, again, I avoid mirrors. So I honestly had no idea.

I didn’t avoid this mirror. Actually I stood there & checked out my backside. Yep, even my boo-tay! I was pretty impressed.


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