I’ll call that a productive night

So I didn’t make it to TBC, spent over an hour at WalMart. What was I thinking!!

I got all my groceries for the week. They include stuff to make chili (already in the crock pot waiting to be cooked tomorrow), beef stew, chicken salad. Also got eggs & egg whites for breakfasts. Apples & bananas. Yogurt. Carrot sticks & laugh cow cheese wedges & cottage cheese for snacks. Roast beef lunch meat & bread for lunches. So prepared! Go me!!

Had my review today at work. Of course I was sweating bullets. I always am. I hate, hate, hate review time. Did I mention hate? I’ve never had a good review at my job. I usually get my ass handed to me on a silver platter and am told I’m a bad employee. I was basically told today that I’m a good employee and she doesn’t have any issues. Sa-Weet!!

Plus it was payday! So totally the best day of the year!

And I got some of the things on my Christmas list while I was at WalMart. I still need to get the stuff to make the oreo balls, the orange juice for the cake, and some ornaments to decorate. And of course finish shopping for the one I care about. I’ll probably get him a cd & a couple of larger bottles of Flat Tire beer. Then he’ll be done. I’m sure I’ll throw in a container of oreo balls for him as well.

And on top of grocery/Christmas shopping tonight I’ve already made tomorrow night’s dinner, I made chicken salad for dinner tonight, & I’ve packed my lunch for tomorrow. You can just call me Susie Homemaker.


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