Monday Can’t Come Soon Enough

Ok, so all my WW peeps are totally going to fuss at me for waiting to start back up.


I am having a free for all the past few days. I’m loving it. I’m not holding back.

Ok, I am somewhat.

But I’m not tracking. I’m not counting points and/or calories.

I’m enjoying my food. And too much of it.

Starting Monday, both my WI day & the start of a new week & year, I will be back on track.

I will start tracking again & paying attention to what I’m putting into my body.

I know that I’ve gained weight. I can tell in the way that my clothes are fitting righ not. Slightly tighter than they were just a couple weeks ago.

But I also know that I needed this break. Granted, I may have back tracked some on my weight loss. Actually I’m pretty sure I know I have back tracked some.

I just couldn’t take all the counting. All the worrying about what I was eating. All the tracking every bite I ate.

As I read somewhere, I will not lose 2 pants sizes over night. I did not put this weight on in 1 day & I won’t lose it in 1 day.

Part of making this a “way of life” for me is to realize that yes, sometimes I may fall off the wagon, and sometimes it’s ok to do so, but you have to know when it’s time to pick yourself up & do it again.

So, Monday I start fresh. I start over at whatever weight I see on that scale. The past is the past & Monday starts a new round of weight loss.

I so totally got this.


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