I Faced the Scale

And it wasn’t too terrible.

I mean, I expected a gain.

Not quite a 7 pound gain.

But that’s ok.

I still ended 2011 weighing less than I did in 2010. And tom e, that’s a good thing.

So today I went grocery shopping. And I loaded up. And now my bank account is crying.


But that’s ok. Because I got stuff to make tons of yummy meals! All including my crock pot, of course.

Tonight’s menu is open faced meatball sandwiches with a huge salad to go along with it.

Also this week there will be:
Beef Roast with onions, carrots, & potatoes.
Chicken Enchiladas with Rotel & Black Bean rice casserole.
Oatmeal with the BEST jelly I’ve ever had.
Tons of yummy delicious salads.
Roast beef sandwiches.

And of course everything in the crock pot will be stored in plastic containers for another day where I don’t feel like cooking. Along with the leftover Vegetable Beef stew, Chili, & Potato Soup already in there.

I can get used to this cooking at home thing.

And now I will sit down and read my People magazine in hopes to inspire myself to fully get back on program. I mean, there are stories about 2 women who lost over 100 pounds each in there. I chose People over Cosmo. Something is wrong here.


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