Guess Who Has 2 Thumbs

And stuck with her planned menu yesterday??


Give yourself a fat free, zero calorie cookie if you guessed correctly. You deserve it!

Even though I didn’t get in any exercise yesterday I’m still proud of myself for sticking to my menu, regardless of temptations.

Today, that might be a little bit harder.

I work right next to a Cook-Out. I walk out of my office door and smell the yummy deep fried greasy goodness.

But, alas, I will eat my salad & sandwich & cottage cheese.

And tonight I will get in at least a 15-20 minute workout.

And I will finish cleaning my bedroom. And then I will clean my kitchen.

And then I will eat my yummy dinner.

Today’s Menu:
B: Oatmeal w/ ~1T blackberry jam. Coffee
S: ???

L: Roast beef sandwich w/ 1 slice of cheese. Spinach salad w/ grape tomatoes & 1T of blue cheese, slivered almonds, & balsamic dressing.
S: ???

D: Salad (same as above but larger) & open faced meatball sandwich (2 slices bread, 6 meatballs total, 2 slices cheese)
S: ???

S: Apple, Yoplait Light, Granola Thin, Special K bar, Carrot Sticks, 12 pretzels, mini bag of popcorn (no clue what I’ll want to snack on.)


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