The Weekends Always Scare Me

It’s because we eat out so much!


Or with the one I care about’s parents.

Either way, very little to NO control over how my food is prepared.

It makes me nervous.

Esp now that I’ve just rejoined & recommitted to this weight loss thing.

I’m meeting the one I care about for lunch tomorrow. I think he was a little saddened by the fact that I wanted to go to Wendy’s instead of the Cook-Out.

I need a salad.

I told him we can do the Cook-Out this weekend. But that there is no way I can go there twice in one week anymore, and he knows we’ll be there this weekend.

He agreed.

Plus, I’m meeting my Mi Prima for dinner at the Chinese place here in town.

I’m already splurging on that meal.


I have pre-tracked everything.

And I have 1 point to spare at the end of the day.

I’m not going on the hunt trying to find something to use it on.

I figure somewhere in there between fruit & eye-balling measurements at dinner I’ll use an extra point.

Cross your fingers for me tomorrow & all my eating out adventures!!


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