Who Forgot the Beer?

This girl!


I pre-tracked a beer with dinner last night. I made my dinner. I sat down & ate my dinner. I relaxed for a bit. I sat down & ate my bedtime snack. I went to bed.

I got up this morning. I opened my fridge to get my eggs for breakfast. I noticed all my beer still sitting in it’s pretty little 6pk. I remembered “Hey! I was going to have one of those with dinner last night!”

Grr, self, grr. 5 points I could have used on something yummy & delicious & I totally forgot them.

Oh well. I had it tonight. It was worth the wait. 🙂

Also, totally cheated & looked at the scale this morning. Just as I suspected, my big dinner Sunday night was to blame for my .6lb loss Monday morning. The scale was down another 1.2lb this morning. No worries, I didn’t cheat & count that as my WI, as much as I wanted to. I counted my .6 & went on with my day. Hopefully that means next Monday I’ll have a bangin’ WI!

Today’s Menu went a little something like this:

B: (4pts) 1 egg + 1 egg white w/ 2T parm cheese & spinach cooked in EVOO, topped with salsa. Water.
S: (0pts) Coffee & Apple.
L: (6pts) Spicy California Roll sushi & 1 Orange.
S: (3pts) Yoplait Light Lemon Creme Pie.
A: (3APs) 40 Minutes Walk Away the Pounds DVD 3 miles
D: (15pts) Two Hearted Ale, 1 Chicken Enchilada w/ 1T RF sour cream & salsa. Spinach salad w/ 1T each balsamic dressing, goat cheese & slivered almonds.
S: (5pts) 1 WW Dark Chocolate Dipped Raspberry Cheesecake ice cream bar. 1c Skim Milk.


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