Time to Get My Money in Order!

So I really need to figure out how to budget my money.

My goal this month, starting Wednesday morning, I am going to completely empty my checking account except for what I get paid. From there I am going to keep a written record of everything I spend money on.

There will be 4 catagories. Bills. Gas. Food. Misc.

Starting March 1 I will do the same thing to my bank account. I will then pay every. single. bill. that I’ve got. From there I will look at what my money went to in Feb & I will put money into 3 seperate envelopes. Gas. Food. Misc. And that will be my money for the month. I will try my best to not dip anto any of the money I have put into savings or borrow from other envelopes.

Cross your fingers that I can actually stick to this.


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