New Month – Recap & Goals

So January wasn’t too bad.

*I lost 3.6 pounds.
*I got a raise.
*The one I care about is now known as the one I love.

Overall, not too shabby!

I hope February is better though.

I don’t know how you’d top all that, but I’m going to try.


Goals for February:

*I want to get to 185lbs (that’s a loss of 3.6lbs for Feb.
*Want to work out at least 3x per week.
*Not go into the red any week.
*Start to fix my finances.

To help me achieve these goals I’m going to cook at home more. I’m going to exercise more. And I’m going to play around with my points some.

I actually got in the mood to go to the gym today! But because I use the rec center & it’s still crazy busy from the resolutioners, I decided to do some Tae Bo at home.

As far as my points go, I changed my WPs to 37 instead of 49. I’d like to see what using fewer WPs does for my WL. Hopefully it will help it. During the month of February I’m going to keep my WPs at 37 & see how it works. If things continue going good then I might lower it some more, or I might leave it the same. Only time will tell!

And… the finances. Whew. That’s going to be the hardest one to accomplish. Starting on payday, yesterday, I emptied my bank account & left ONLY what I got paid. From there I am paying every.single.bill right away. I have one left to be paid. And then I will see what I have left. This sounds like a super simple concept, I hope I can do it. In theory I’ll be able to make it to the end of the month. That means lots more cooking at home. And hopefully next month I’ll be able to start the envelope system I’ve heard such wonderful things about.


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