So Much I want to do to My house!

The redecorating bug has bit me. Hard.

And I have no idea what room I want to start in!! I want to redo them all!

The kitchen, if I were to clean it good, would be just fine.

The living room, the same as the kitchen, just needs to be cleaned.

But the upstairs. Oh the upstairs.

My bedroom – I just ordered a new mattress & boxsprings. A queen. So of course I ordered new bedding to go along with it. Black & white. With dark purple sheets. I don’t have a head board, I will make one out of chip board, foam batting, & black fabric. I will also paint all of my other furniture black. The walls are lavender. The drapes are dark purple, the shears are white. I will have white & black accents all throughout my room. It will be gorgeous.

The master bathroom. It is pink with white. I want to get some black girly bathroom prints to hang in there.

The large bathroom. I want to paint a teal color. Again, more white & black accents. Probably more white though. Paint the cabinets white. Get a contempary white shower curtain. White towels. Black & white pictures hanging in there.

The 2nd bedroom. It will be girly & frilly. The walls will be green. Or maybe latte. The sheets will be purple. The bedding will be white & fluffy. The side table, it might be black or it might be brown. It will probably be black though. I will probably put either my dresser or chest of drawers in there as well. It will be pretty.

Oh how I want to redo my upstairs so bad right now.


One thought on “So Much I want to do to My house!

  1. I’m totally the same way, but not with my house. haha.

    I think his house just needs the touch of a lady (and some really good cleaning) and it will do until we have some extra money.

    Is it bad I’m planning to redecorate and I haven’t moved in yet? haha

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