I Was…

In a great mood.

I have been totally on point with my eating this week. I have stayed within my points every day & have hit every GHG (except 1 fruit/veggie today) every day since Monday. I have earned 10APs since Monday. I have planned menus & stuck to them.

And now I am in a funk.

Thankfully, I am already in bed and can not emotionally eat my way through this funk. Because that is currently how I’m feeling.

It has to do with the one I love. And some things I found on his phone in the past (which, for the most part, I have moved on from). And the fact of when I try to do the same he doesn’t play along. And then I feel like a doofus. Which is happening at this moment.

So… F that business. I just won’t do it anymore.


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