A Little Bit of Everything

I WI-ed yesterday. It made me mad. I was up 3.2 pounds. Really? REALLY?

I mean, I know I ate too much over the weekend. But that was not a true WI. I’m still undecided about changing my WI day to Wednesday or just get better at watching what I eat on the weekends. I’m going to give it another week or so & then decide. I stepped on the scale this morning to see & it was down a pound. 1 pound in a day?

I will say that yesterday I so totally did not follow the WW program. I binged. And I binged hard. I tracked for 20 girl scout cookies. Yes, you read that right. 20. I stayed within my points, but I sacrificed healthy foods for it. I had cottage cheese & an apple for dinner.

Part of my small dinner came from the fact that I ate at around 9pm. I was exhausted when I got home & fell asleep on the sofa. I woke up with the one I love started texting me on his lunch break. I ate & I went back to bed. Not a very productive evening, that’s for certain.

And speaking of the one I love. Oh this weekend was wonderful. We cleaned on his house some. He had to work Saturday night & then I met up with him afterwards for a milkshake & some hushpuppies (both of which I did not need!!) Stayed with him Saturday night. Sunday we got up, took my car to my place, & ran around town for a while. Until the roads became too bad to continue our running around. Yay snow! So we went home, laid on the sofa with movies & dinner.

And speaking of dinner, it was wonderful! Stuffed jalapenos, cheddar garlic biscuits, & chili. I think the one I love was impressed. So impressed, in fact, that when he left my house Monday morning he made my bed & put away the dishes from dinner. He didn’t wash said dishes, but they made it to the sink, I’ll take that – baby steps!

I started reading the Hunger Games last night. Maybe tonight I’ll read more than 1 chapter. I was just so tired.

Today’s Menu:
B: 1 package oatmeal made w/ milk, cinnamon, & splenda. Coffee.
S: Coffee & Banana.
L: Ham sandwich, cottage cheese, pickles.
S: Apple or Orange.
D: Chili & either a sandwich or a cheese biscuit.
S: Yogurt or ice cream bar.
A: WATP, at least 2 miles, maybe 3.
E: Book & maybe 1 episode of something on TV.


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