Wednesday “Unofficial” WI

So.. stepped on the scale this morning. I was down 4 pounds from Monday! W…T…F…Mate?

So, while I am not counting this as my official WI for the week – that was on Monday – it is nice to know that my assumption was correct, I most likely did WI very heavy from my weekend of eating.

I have got to learn how to control my eatting on the weekends. During the week I am good. I have more willpower & self control. Or just control in general.

I asked the one I love if there is any way that we can not eat at Cookout as often this weekend. Maybe once. I asked if there is any way that we can start going to eat at places that I can make healthier choices. He said we’d do that this weekend.

I’m going to give it another week or 2 before I decide for certain if I am going to change my official WI day. As for right now I will continue to WI on Mondays. It will take some changes on my part – not eating out as much, making smarter choices when I do, packing breakfasts/snacks/lunches that I can eat while I’m staying with the one I love. This is do-able, I just have to actually do it.


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