.4 pounds & a new Coach purse!

Yep. I hit 184.8 pounds. That was a total loss of .4 pounds for the week. Which means I can also start carrying my new Coach wristlet. Which is Spring colored. And there was snow on the ground this morning. Which means I won’t be carrying the new cute little pink wristlet for a few more weeks. But whatever! I earned that baby! Maybe I’ll buy some new pink nailpolish to get myself in the Spring mood until then.

In other news, helped the one I love paint his house this weekend. Whew that was tons of fun! He got grouchy & made me mad. Then tried to back peddle & make up for being a complete & total douchecanoe towards me & then was super sweet. Which then made me even more mad, sort of. By the end of the evening we were good again. I had gotten out of my douchecanoe induced funk & he was out of his grouch ass mood. Things were good.

In other exciting news, there is a possible job opening in my office. Which might include a possible raise. I would love to have this job. It’s in our other office – which means a longer commute to & from work. But it’s more responsibility, and possibly more money. If it is a pay raise then I’m all over that – if not then I’ll just let it slid on by & let someone else have it. I would be doing checkout & insurance instead of checkin & collections. I’m very interested in switching to this. So, wish me luck that it works out for the best!


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