I Totally Resent my Coworker…

… This is not good.

She is handed everything. EVERYTHING. She slacks off all day long & doesn’t get her work done. So therefore I have to do things for her.

Like collate new patient forms & then stuff them into packets. It’s not a hard job, it’s mindless easy work. That being said, it’s also extremely time consuming. I now have to make enough new patient forms/packets for 2 offices because she doesn’t know how to manage her time well enough to do this for herself. I was told by my direct supervisor that I was being told to do this because “I know you’ll actually do it.”

Also, she can get so behind on her work & not be told she needs to do it. She will have her chart cubes (cubes on the wall we keep current patient charts in for easy acces) so full that she can not fit any more in, so she stops filing them. I will still have several empty cubes left & the bosslady is telling me that I need to purge to make room for new charts.

Now, someone who does a job a step up from us is wanting to retire. Her position will be open soon. Girl who I resent has been employed by my company (a NON UNION office) for 8 months longer than I have. I am better qualified for this job. I have been told by several people in the office. I have been told by both people who do this job that is about to open up (we have 2 offices). I have been told by bosslady herself that I would be great in this position. People have told bosslady that I would be better at this job. That I have the qualifications. That I am better organized, I can multi-task, I get my work done, I’m a quick learner, I’m easier to train, I have the drive to actually do the job. But what’s going on right now? They’re talking to other girl about this job. They’re offering it to her. I only get this job if she decides she doesn’t want it.

Fuck this company.


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