Monday Recap!

Last Weeks WI: 183.8
This Weeks WI: 183.8
Total Change: 0

Totally ok with that. Ok, that’s a lie! But – I sort of expected it. When I took a look at the scale on Friday morning it was only down .2 pound. Then Sunday night was date night with the one I love – Japanese – sushi, hibachi, soup, salad. Yeah… too much food.

That’s not counting the pity party I threw myself on Saturday.

So, overall, I’ll take a 0 change.


Exciting news today – I got a call for ANOTHER interview! A friend of mine works for this company, they called asking if I could come in for an interview next Wednesday. Pretty excited about all this! That means I have an interview this Wednesday afternoon & another interview, with a totally different company, next Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully that means I’ll be out of my current position in no time! Cross your fingers for me.

Also, tonight I made a fan-damn-tastic dinner. Yes, that is a word. I made meatloaf, green beans, mashed potatoes, salad, & fruit punch. So yummy! And only 12 points! I still have 5 points left over for a snack. Yay!

And in super exciting weekend news!! I fit into a size 7/8 jeans! I don’t think I’ve EVER fit into a size 7/8. At least not past middle school. I was so excited to see that number that on top of my jeans I ended up buying 3 new shirts. Hey! New jeans & a skinny butt call for a total new wardrobe! And seeing as I only wear “street clothes” on the weekends 3 shirts will make for a great new started wardrobe! Man… I could do some damage on What Not To Wear with only wearing real clothes 2 days a week! Stacey! Clinton!! Come help me!!!

Can I just say that I have the bestest boyfriend ever? First, at dinner, he was asking me about my goal rewards. He told me that my next big reward (which will be at 174 – when I enter my healthy weight range) that if I want it he’ll contribute $100 to the gun that I’ve been wanting. Well, not the exact gun, but one very similar. The exact gun I want is pushing a grand… I’ll go with the similar gun, which is pushing 3…. hundred. And secondly, I got home today and little dog had been let out & put in his big crate & my bed was made. *swoon* Now, if only he were in my bed when it was sleepy time that would make things all the more better.


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