Recap Monday!

Last Week: 186.2
This Week: 186.4
Change: -1.8

Pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Even if my weight is still technically up. Oh well… it will come back down. Plus, I may have had a massive dinner Sunday night.

So I turned down the hospital job. Not sure if I posted about that. It would have been a pretty big pay cut. I did get a call back for a second interview with the tax firm today – I didn’t answer the call. I have to get in touch with them tomorrow about it. I’m not so certain I want that job – I don’t know how to proceed with them.

We got a lot more done on the one I love’s house this weekend. I can’t wait until it’s finally finished & he can move in.

Did some tie dying Friday night. That was fun. I’m currently wearing my heart tie dyed shirt. It’s super cute. I’ll post pictures later this week.

Today’s Menu:
B: Banana & Coffee – hello over sleeping!!
L: Turkey sandwich, yoplait light, & an apple.
D: Roasted asparagus, salmon, 1c couscous.
S: White wine.
S: 1/2c chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

I still have 5pts left for the day! I doubt I’ll use them though. I’m not hungry & I may have gone a little overboard yesterday. Totally boredom ate like it was my job.


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