Wait… It’s Wednesday?

How did I do Recap Monday on Tuesday?? And not even realize it was Tuesday! Shame on me.

And what a wonderful surprise to find out that it’s already Wednesday!!

Cabo Fish Taco Wednesday at that! Oh how I love CFT Wednesday. It’s sort of become a tradition the past couple of months with a coworker & I. Every Wednesday after pay-day we go to CFT for lunch. It’s so wonderfully delicious! I had tuna tacos today. Om nom nom. The coleslaw, I won’t be getting that again – pretty dry & bitter. But I saved some points by not eating it. So… 6 tortilla chips with 1/4c of corn salsa & 2 tuna tacos = 12 points. Not too shabby for a lunch out!

Tonight’s dinner is corn bread & left over beef stew. It smells wonderful in my house right now.

Also, I called the tax firm back about the 2nd interview. I set it up for tomorrow at 4pm. It works out so that I actually won’t be using any vacation time to go to this interview – which is good since I’m not 100% certain that I want the job. But all practice interviewing is helpful.

And speaking of interviews, we started interviewing at work today to fill a position. Still no idea as to what position we’re trying to fill. It could be check-in (my job) or it could be check-out (the job I want). I feel kind of awkward helping interview someone for the job that I want. But I guess that’s life. The girl today was super nice, picked up on things quickly, and later told bosslady that should would actually rather have the check-in position over the check-out position. SCORE!!

The one I love just called me on his break – it makes my day when he does that – and informed me that he also has a supervisor position interview next week. Go him! But that means I might not get to see him as much – boo on that business. He also informed me that if he doesn’t go into work early tomorrow he’s going to come over tonight. Said he won’t know about that until later, but he’ll let me know as soon as he finds out about going into work early tomorrow.

And now that you are updated on the goings on of my life, I go eat!


And since I totally forgot to post a recipe yesterday, because I totally thought it was Monday, here’s the recipe for the corn bread I’m making for dinner.

J’s Famous Cornbread

1 Box Jiffy cornbread mix (because I like mine sweet)
1 Egg
1/3c Milk
1/3c Shredded Cheese of your choosing
Several Dashes of Hot Sauce
2T Butter – the real shit

Mix all ingredients (minus the butter) together. Pour into a greased 8in round pan. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 400 degrees. When you take it out of the oven smear the butter on top of the cornbread while its still warm so it melts all over the top.

It pairs great with leftover crockpot beef stew.


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