Week In Pictures!

Ok… so it’s 2 weeks in pictures. And it’s a lot of food pictures.

Apparently I am so totally a white girl who likes to take pictures of her food.

Someone likes his ice cream…

… I mean, really likes his ice cream.

There was cake…

… and flowers at work.

I discovered that Fiber One brownies go great with Turkey Hill light vanilla ice cream.

I also discovered that left over beef stew goes great with corn bread.

And I found out that I can eat an entire bundle of asparagus.

But I think my favorite thing that I found was Turkey Hill Light Chocolate Chip Cookiedough ice cream. It’s a whooping 3pts for 1/2c. And so totally worth every.single.bite!


Also, had my 2nd interview with the tax firm today. I still don’t think I’m too keen on that job. But we’ll see what they offer.

Then I had dinner at Panera Bread & went to see “Mirror Mirror” with the best friend a girl could ask for.

Now I’m sitting on the sofa watching “New Girl” before starting another load of laundry & heading to bed.

The one I love is coming over tonight. *swoon*

I also have an interview at a car dealership tomorrow.

And got a call to fill out some information & possibly set up an interview with an iron castings company here.

And that, my friends, is the news with me.


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