Yep, I went back tonight. It was awesome sauce! I sweated a ton. And I’ll sleep like a baby tonight. I hope to do Zumba at least once a week for the time being. Money allowing, that is.

I ate like a little hoglet this weekend. I seriously did not care what I put into my mouth. I ate it all! And it was marvelous! And now I’m currently 79 points in the red. Granted, some of that might be over estimated, but I’m going to go with probably not.

Friday night I hung out with the stepbrother. That involved Cookout burgers, beer, & cheetos. Saturday was the wedding shower – tons & tons of food. And vodka gummie bears. And then beer & pizza & cards at the bride & groom’s house afterwards. Sunday was hotdogs & fries for lunch. Spaghetti & garlic bread for dinner. And milkshakes for dessert!!

Told you, I ate my weight in food.

And the scale was up when I checked it after work today.

So I went to Zumba. And tomorrow morning I WILL plan to get up & workout before work. And pack my healthy & yummy lunch. And come home and workout some more. And then have leftover chili & salad for dinner. And Wednesday I will repeat the cycle. And Thursday I might even do it again! Of course Thursday evening I have my meeting. I’m hoping I can get the scale back down by then. We shall see!


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