Apparently I …

… Overestimate my food & underestimate my workouts.


I mean, that can’t be a terrible thing, right? At least not when it comes to weight loss?

Well, in my case, weight gain this past week – but that’s another story.

Talking to some girls at Zumba Monday night. They fussed at me when I said I only count it as 5APs. Said they count it as like 17APs. Holy goodness Batman! I was shocked! So I entered it as 1 hour of high intensity exercise for me, it came back with 13APs. That still seems really high to me. I just don’t see how.

I really want a HRM. Oh so bad. I need to get myself one. Maybe with the next bonus check from work I’ll get myself one. I know I have it listed as my 180lb goal, but I want a good one. So it’s going to have to wait. Sadly.

Oh well, I’ll get it in July.


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