Sometimes I feel Obsessed

I feel like I obsess about what I eat. Constantly.

I don’t feel like I see food like a normal person does. I can’t just sit down and eat a meal. I focus on what I’m going to eat. How many points are in that meal. How many points does that leave me for my next meal(s) for that day. If I eat this tonight for dinner does that mean I’ll have to cut something else out tomorrow night for dinner.

I miss the days of eating carelessly. Or not worrying about how many points are in my food. I miss the days of drinking too many drinks with the only fear being if I would have a headache the next day. I miss ordering cheese fries or pizza after a night out with the girls.

Some days I wonder if this is for me. I get sad when I realize this is for life. And stressed.

I wonder if I’ll ever be able to just eat. If this will ever become second nature to me. Is this something that I’ll always struggle with? Will I ever just be able to sit down and eat a meal without mentally counting points?

Just last night, the one I love was saying that he wants to go for Mexican this weekend. I’ve been craving Chinese. I don’t feel like I’ll be able to do both in one week. I don’t feel like I can control myself enough in order to eat both Mexican & Chinese food in the same weekend. Or the same week for that matter.

I stress out about food. I’ve started to hate food. (Don’t get me wrong, I still just love the taste of food!) But it’s become such a stresser in my life. Something I focus on. And worry about. And when I eat at someone else’s house it’s hard to give up the control as to how it’s fixed. I get nervous over a meal. A single meal.

Doing this for the rest of my life scares me. Does it ever just become second nature?


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I feel Obsessed

  1. I’m right there with you. I obsess over my food. I agonize over eating my snack too early and what if I want that snack later? I count everything religiously but I hate every minute of it. Darn it I want my go to foods (chocolate and other candy) But Remembering how good I felt at a healthy weight keeps me on track and I do think that at some point it will become routine instead of this obsession. But you aren’t alone.

  2. You so aren’t alone. I often wonder the very same things. It would be so nice to not have to worry about points when I’m cooking or going out with friends. Maybe one day…

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