It’s been a week since I last updated.

In that week I have gone to a bachelorette party in WV. I had a blast. There was dancing. And a drag show. We made friends with the security guard for our hotel. There were 6 girls piled into 1 room. There was lots of alcohol. And lots of gossiping. Getting ready to go out was an adventure in itself! It was a blast.

Then I ate my way through the rest of the week. I ate with total disregard for WW. And for my health in general. 1 night I ordered Pizza Hut. I will not tell you how much I ate – I’m honestly too ashamed to admit it.

I ate so much this week I gained an absurd amount of weight. Absurd!

And so I am now officially back on program. I had planned to workout tonight but that didn’t happen. I’ll be taking gym clothes with me to work – I will stop at the gym on the way home. No excuses.

I made a super yummy dinner tonight also. Roasted asparagus – I ate the whole bunch! A foil pack with a salmon filet, olive oil, garlic, onion power, salt, pepper, slices of tomatoes, and 2T parmeson cheese. SO GOOD! I also made a sauce for my asparagus with spicy mustard, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil.

I finished off the night with some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with some extra chocolate chips added on top & some FF redi-whip. So yummy!

Tomorrow’s Menu:
B: 1 egg + 1 egg white, scrambled. 2 slices of turkey bacon. 1 slice wheat toast w/ apple butter.
S: Banana & coffee.
L: Turkey sandwich, applesauce, carrot chips & Oikos dip.
S: Apple.
S: Yoplait Light.
A: 45 minutes gym time.
D: Veggie burger w/ pepperjack cheese, turkey bacon, spicy mayo, & veggies on toast. Roasted potato & ketchup.

No clue what will be for dessert. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ugh…

    • Thanks! It’s nice to know people read this & enjoy it. I know I’m no expert at WW or weight loss in genearl. I just try to be me & tell it like I see it.

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