I’m So Ready!

For so many things!!

I’m ready for vacation. I have done laundry. And packed. I’ve got my dishes in the dish washer right now so my travel cup will be ready to go. I’ve uploaded songs onto my Ipod so I’ll have some tunes while I’m there. I have a plan for food & exercise while I’m gone.

I’m ready for school. I’ve ordered my books. Printed off everything I need for the first night of classes. I’ve ordered some apparel from the school bookstore website. I can’t wait for classes to start & to get the ball rolling!

I’m ready to really do Weight Watchers again. I’ve been slacking off & I knew it. I went to my meeting tonight. Before I ever stepped on the scale I was joking with my leader. I told her I knew the scale was going to be bad & I was ready for. Told her I didn’t want the look of shame or the peptalk about how I know how to do this. Told her I was ready to do this again & I just needed to see where I was at this moment. She laughed & agreed.

And now I’m ready to shower & crawl into bed. And for the one I love to come over & cuddle me.


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