Day One…

… So far has been a success!

I’m so proud of myself.

Ok, well not of the weight that I’ve gained back. Seriously, the 32 pounds! Ugh. So mad at myself about that. How does one gain 32 pounds since July???

Yeah, let’s not answer that one.

But, as for today, it’s been amazing. 8 people total are in the weight loss challenge at work. That’s pretty awesome. I’ve also been really good at sticking to my planned menu for today.

B: (9) 2 egg omlett with spinach, canadian bacon, & mozzerella cheese. Banana. Coffee.
S: I had a yogurt, I forgot to eat it.
L: (9) Spinach salad with grilled chicken, bacon bits, tortilla strips, tomato, & ceaser yogurt dressing. Cottage cheese. Applesauce.
A: 25 minute walk.
S: (0) Grapes.
D: (10) Bubble up enchiladas w/ sour cream & salsa. Spinach salad w/ tomatoes & light dressing.

This menu leaves me with enough points for a glass of wine AND a skinny cow ice cream sandwich. I’m pretty pumped about this fact.

I’m esp pumped about this fact since either my doctor’s office or my insurance company has screwed up. Both told me my doctor was in network. I just got an EOB & a bill saying he is out of network. Um… Someone fix it! $200 I wasn’t expecting to spend.


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