Feeling SO Overwhelmed!

School is seriously freaking me out right now.

We didn’t have class last night, our first class meeting. But we had 3 chapters to read, 3 quizes to take, & a paper due.

Because we didn’t have class last night, the first time I meet my teacher will be next Wednesday. Next Wednesday I have a 2pg paper due for my individual assignment. I also have a paper & 10 minute presentation due with my group. I’m putting together that paper (we all write our part & someone assembles it). Week after next (10/17) we have ANOTHER group paper & presentation due. None of this takes into consideration the fact that on 10/31 we have a huge paper & a 20 minute presentation due.

I’m. Freaking. Out.

There will be wine tonight. I have 2pts left after my afternoon snack today, I can afford a glass of wine.


Today’s Menu:

B: Instant oatmeal. Banana. Coffee.
S: Yogurt.
L: Leftovers from last night.
S: Apple & Cheese stick.
A: DVD of some kind.
D: ???


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