Feeling In Control!

For once!!

It’s about time. I’ve been so stressed the past few weeks with school, and work, and dating, and life in general. Ugh.

The one I love has tried to be such a huge support. Thank goodness he’s ok with my crazy schedule now & the fact that most of our time together is spent either sleeping or with my nose in a text book.

Speaking of text book, I finally have class tomorrow. I say finally because my professor canceled our first workshop for this class. She has also been totally slacking at informing us of what’s going on. And when I say totally slacking, I mean no one has heard from her in over a week. We have a 4pg 10 minute group presentation due tomorrow. It’s faculty assigned. As of Sunday some teams hadn’t even been told what assignment they were doing. It’s bad to the point that our adviser emailed the entire class to address the issues at hand. Hopefully class tomorrow will go well.

And I’m feeling 100% in control about tomorrow! I’ve already pre-tracked all of my meals for tomorrow. It’s also my WI day – hopefully only putting $1 into the kitty at work! – and I can’t wait to see what the scale says! My scale at home is down so hopefully the one at work will be also.

Tomorrow’s Menu:
B: (7) 2 cheesy scrambled eggs, 2 slices canadian bacon, coffee.
S: (2) yoplait light.
L: (7) smart ones, 1/2c cottage cheese, 1/2 sliced tomato.
S: (0) apple.
D: (8) salad w/ salsa chicken, salsa, sour cream, & tortilla strips.
S: (2) cheese stick.
S: (4) 2 sheets honey maid LF cinnamon graham crackers.
S: (3-4) ??? depends on how many points I have left

It seems like a lot of snacks in the evening, but because I have class my evening eating schedule is pretty weird. And I get bored so its nice to have something to snack on when I’m bored.


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