Homework will be the death of me

For serious. I have so much to do. I still have to research 2 more topics for Barnes & Noble. 3 topics for Amazon. And type all of these up & cite them in APA format.


And I’m going out of town so I don’t have as much time as my groupmates. I pretty much have to have this shit done by Friday morning. I plan on doing 1 more topic tonight. Hopefully 1 tomorrow & hopefully another Thursday during my break at work. That will leave 2 for Thursday night when I arrive at the hotel.

Now, the topics I’m researching aren’t all that difficult. But, just throw in the fact that both companies I’m researching are book retails. Do you know how many books are out there on any given topic? So a lot of what I’m finding is completely and totally 100% useless. It’s fun.

I also need to color my hair – tonight. Wash some clothes. Make my packing list. Organize my crap. Lots of stuff to do! Tomorrow night I have class. Thursday I won’t even come back after work, I’ll go straight over to the one I love’s house & from there we’ll head out of town.

I have to pack regular clothes. Comfy clothes. Clothes for a wedding. Clothes for around town. Clothes to go back to my home town in. And possibly clothes for work on Monday. Ugh. So much to do. Plus I have to take all of my school stuff to do my homework.

And speaking of homework, why won’t my professor email anyone back? It’s seriously pissing me off.

Also, tomorrow is WI. Cross your fingers that its good! I really don’t want to put more than $1 into the kitty. But it’s possible I will. Grrr.


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