Election Day!!

I’m not going to tell you to go vote.

Or tell you who to vote for.

Or how you need to make your decision.

It’s your decision.

That being said, I voted!

Also, can I just say how much I am NOT looking forward to this part of my night:

Seriously, how does 1 person end up with so much laundry to put away!!

But this is really making me realize how much I need to lose weight. Most of the clothes I’m folding & putting away don’t fit anymore.

Very depressing.


Today’s Menu:
B: 7 – Special K Flatbread sandwich, 1c skim milk
S: 0 – Banana & coffee
L: 9 – Salad, SmartOnes, & fruit
S: 0 – Fruit
D: 15 – Wendy’s 1/2 BLT Cobb salad, small chili w/ 2 packs of crackers

Still have 4pts for something sweet later!


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