Monday Evening Recap

So the weekend. I didn’t follow WW at.all.

I was terrible.

If it wasn’t nailed down I ate it.

I finally got my chocolate cake. And I turned the one I love onto white chocolate fudge covered Oreos. That about sums up my eating for this weekend.

And the parents met. That went surprisingly well. I was nervous. The nerves didn’t hit until we were in the car on the way to meet them for lunch. We were both nervous.

His mother referred to his house as “our house.” Tee-Hee!

I ruined his surprise though. The one I love bought me a new gun for my birthday. He had been trying all week to get me to go shooting & I just didn’t want to. Even up until he was getting ready to go, I wanted to sit & read my book (which was great by the way! Divergent, go buy it & read it.) So he fussed & pouted & whined at me. And I still wouldn’t put my book down. So he just blurted out that he bought me a gun for my birthday & that I had totally ruined the surprise. Oopsy! Said he wanted to take me shooting to try his new one out and while I was playing with it he was going to have the one he bought for me sitting there. I felt bad. But I LOVE my new gun. It’s a Ruger Mark III 22/45 with a threaded barrel that I can make suppressed, you know, if I ever have a couple hundred extra dollars lying around.

That’s it, but like I said, with a threaded barrel on the end.

I need to target practice some more. I’m not the best with this one. But I’ll get better.


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