I gain.

It happens.

And was 100% worth it – foodwise.

The $5 I had to pay to the kitty at work kind of sucked.

It was only 1/2 a pound. If I’m going to have to pay $5 it should be for more!

But oh well. At least it was only 1/2 a pound.


Daily Menu:
B: 2 – Yoplait Greek 100 Strawberry, Coffee.
S: 0 – I forgot
L: 8 – Smart Ones, Carrots w/ Ranch
S: 0 – Fresh Pineapple
S: 2 – 1/2c Cottage cheese
D: 11 – Turkey Sandwich, Sunchips, 1/2c Cottage cheese
S: 2 – Jello Sugar Free Pudding Cup
S: 6 – Fro-Yo w/ Wet Walnuts & Whipped Cream

Still have 4pts left! So not gonna use them.


I started my new class at school today. I think I’m really going to enjoy both this class & this teacher. He seems pretty cool. And I laughed through most of the class. That’ll be a nice change from my last class.

And can I just say that I absolutely love my remaining group member. I say remaining because we went from 4 down to 2. (Ahem, thanks Heather! – good luck in grad school!!!) But she remembered the yummy beer that I told her about & bought me one for my birthday!

Can’t wait to chill it & enjoy. Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout.

Oh it’s so wonderful.

But takes lots of points because it only comes in 22oz bottles, so that’ll be a nice treat one evening.


One thought on “WIW

  1. $5 for 1/2 pound seems like so much! Why can’t it just be $.50? 🙂

    Glad this class seems better than the last, and for the millionth time I’m sorry for leaving you guys 🙂 haha. And C is so sweet to bring you booze 🙂

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