1 More Day

Left in this week!

Oh thank goodness. I’m so ready for Friday.

Date night with the bestest friend a girl could ever ask for!

Movie – Argo
Dinner – Outback
Dessert – Sweet Frog



I’ve been cleaning house like a crazy woman the past few days. Well, not too much. mainly laundry & dishes. Which is taking forever since I have to wait forever to do more than 1 load of laundry/dishes. I’ve got my last load of dishes going right now – minus what I dirtied up from dinner. And I’m almost finished with all the damn laundry. I swear, it’s a never ending cycle.

My computer is being dumb tonight. It really needs to stop all that business.

And my dog is an evil little shit. EVIL!

Seriously. He keeps getting into the trash bag & ripping it up & pulling stuff out. I washed a blanket to go on my bed & had it sitting on the floor, he peed on it. JUST CAME OUT OF THE DRIER!!!

He’s currently in time out.


Daily Menu:

B: 5 – Special K breakfast sandwich, coffee
S: 0 – Banana
L: 9 – Smart Ones, Carrots w/ Ranch
S: 2 – Cheese Stick
D: 12 – Scrambled eggs w/ cheese & veggies, toast, milk, & an apple
S: ???

I’ve still got 7 points to play around with for later. Who knows what I’ll indulge in.


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