I’m horrible at updating!!!

So let’s recap.

There was Thanksgiving. According to the scale I’m down from where I was last Wednesday. Now, the fact that I ate half a pizza last night – and you can bet your britches I’ll eat the other half tonight – that may not be the case tomorrow morning.

I’ve decided that I feel as though I stress so much about my diet. And my lack of exercise. And what I eat. And when. And how many points/calories/etc are in everything I eat.

I have decided that I am going to just eat healthier. I’m not going to try to “diet.”

I have a number in mind that I’d like to get back to. Overall I’d like to get back out of the 200s. That will happen in time. Hopefully not too long. But for the most part I just want to make healthier choices & eat better food.

And so that’s what I shall do. No more stressing, and obsessing, and worrying. I know how to do this. It’s not a race, it will happen in time. I’ve just got to do it and be happy with myself. And not feel like I’m depriving myself or obsessing about what I eat.

It’s time for more flavorful, healthy, homecooked, delicious meals. And time for less pre-packaged (to a point, I love to cook but I’m still a semi-homemade kinda girl) crap.


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