Today = Bleh

That about sums it up.

Yesterday was just bleh. So I guess today would be extra bleh.

Yesterday I had court in the morning (for work! I swear!!). And then my review at work in the afternoon. And then class.

And then the one I love, I had mentioned to him about coming over, which I didn’t really figure would happen – and I was right about that – and so he was all apologetic & weird. I really didn’t need that.

And today I’m just in a funk from the bleh day I had yesterday.

So what better way to get myself out of my funk than to plan a super yummy dinner & wine & my book & my hair color.

Seriously. Cant’ wait.

Except the hair color part. I could totally wait to do that. I hate doing that.


Today’s Menu:

B: Special K breakfast sandwich. Coffee.
S: Yoplait Greek 100 yogurt.
L: Smart ones. Apple. Cottage cheese. Water.
S: ??? Maybe my apple sauce or jello pudding cup.
D: Salad & spaghetti squash baked spaghetti.

I’ll try to post the recipe tonight or tomorrow.Β I hope it turns out wonderful!!


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