It’s Been a Productive Day

Sort of.

It could have been more productive if I didn’t have to work.

But I did.

So I worked. And ran errands. And come home & did homework. And now dinner is cooking.

And once dinner is done I shall enjoy & watch some TV until it’s time to discuss our partner presentation for class tomorrow.

I’m only slightly extremely nervous about this presentation. This teacher is just so chill. And I feel so unprepared for all this. Ugh. It’s driving me insane.


Today’s Menu:

B: Oatmeal. Coffee. – 4pts
S: Banana. – 0pts
L: Salad. Smart Ones. – 11pts
S: Carrots. 1 Wedge LC Cheese. – 1pt
D: Same as Yesterday. – 13pts

I still have like 6pts left for the day! What to spend it on??


And can someone please explain this new WW 360?? Apparently in the couple week hiatus I took from WW they changed things around & I’m so totally confused.


One thought on “It’s Been a Productive Day

  1. It’s supposed to help incorporate daily good habits (beyond tracking). Like on the homepage where it has routines, you pick three and can check them off each day. It’s actually been helpful (My routines are always have a healthy snack on hand, eat a fruit or veggie with each snack, and know what is for lunch). It hasn’t been out but since the weekend, but my routines have helped me be more aware of the number of fruits and veggies I have per day.

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