Up 3/4 of a pound.

I’ll so totally take that!

Esp since this from Wed-Sun I ate whatever I damn well wanted to eat. Everything. Anything. All of it. And it was marvelous.

And Monday I fully recommitted. And it felt great.

It also felt great to know that even though I gained, the scale was still probably less than it was starting Monday morning.


Today’s Menu:

B: Oatmeal. Coffee. – 4pts
S: Banana. – 0pts
L: Smart ones. Salad. – 10pts
S: Carrots. LC Cheese. – 1pt
D: Turkey sandwich. Cottage cheese. Pickles. – 9pts

Somewhere I’m missing a point that I’ve tracked. Either way, I’ve got 10pts left for snacks for this evening at school (diet coke & a snickers!!) & possibly something when I get home – like some yogurt or something.


Speaking of school. Ugh. Presentation on Nike tonight.

I’m getting nervous.

I always get extremely nervous before a presentation. This one esp. We usually have to write a paper, this time we don’t. I don’t feel like I know my material as well. I feel extremely unprepared. Ugh.

Also have to do lots of research for my final presenation due next Wednesday. I’m in charge of researching firearms. I think this weekend I may actually go around to different stores that selll guns & see if they can provide any information.

And I have to work on my final exam. A 1000 word essay on what an ethical leadership is like. I have to use 3 examples from the partner presentations. I’ve decided on 2 – Starbucks & New Belgium Brewing – and I’ll figure out my 3rd tonight during class.

I’m only stressing out a little bit.


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