Quick & Easy!

That’s how I like my food.

I know a lot of people on the WW boards or other calorie counting boards (MFP, Sparkpeople, etc) try to eat less processed food. I am not one of those people.

I am a single female. I live with a dog & a cat. I work full time. And go to school at night. If I make a pot of soup, casserole, whatever, I’m eating leftovers for days. It gets old. So I don’t cook much fresh food.

I live off of frozen veggies. Prepackaged meal helpers (I’m not talking SmartOnes or Lean Cuisines – although I do eat those sometimes for lunch).

It’s so much easier now to find prepackaged foods that are healthy, quick, & easy.

Like tonight’s dinner – broccoli & cheese stuffed chicken breast, honey dijon carrots, sauteed squash & zuccini – want to know how much of that I’m actually “cooking”??? Just the squas & zuccini.

The chicken comes pre-stuffed, pre-breaded, individually wrapped. I pop it on a cookie sheat & bake it for 30 minutes. The carrotes come pre-sliced, pre-seasoned in a steamer bag. I microwave those until they’re done.

And come later tonight those “sauteed” veggies may turn into roasted & I’ll cook those along side the chicken.

And I have no problem with being  a lazy cook – esp when my entire dinner, prepackaged & all, comes out to be a total of 11pts.


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