For serious.

This was the longest week ever. And it was only 3 days!

Went to the bank today to talk to them about getting a loan. I had already applied but got denied because my debt to income ratio is too high. But I want the loan to pay off the debt at a lower interest rate. So they said they could use my car as collateral. Yeah, still can’t get a loan because my debt to income is too high. They told me I’d have to have a cosigner. So at 26 years old, with a full time job, no car payment, no student loan payment (yet), bought a house at 22, credit score that is considered wonderful – but I can’t get a personal loan. Whatever.

That just kind of put me into a funk.

But the one I love is so amazing. He got off work early tonight & called me. Asked if I had taken my bubble bath yet. I told him no because I really don’t like taking a bath in the other bathroom (litter box is kept in there, can’t really shut the door or light candles because of the cat) so he told me to come over to his place and take one. I think I just might do that. Bubble bath, wine, & my book are all calling my name. Maybe some chocolate covered peanuts as well.

I have no been in the WW mood at all today. It’s been rough. I’ve just felt snacky all day & had a hardcore sweets craving. Thankfully I’ve head enough points that I can indulge in my sweets today.


Today’s Plan of Attack

B: 2 egg muffins w/ salsa & sour cream, coffee. -5pts
S: Banana. -0pts
L: Salad & orange. 3pts (No time to eat anything else thanks to how crazy work was)
D: Chili w/ cheese & sour cream. -16pts
S: 2 Ferrero Rocher. -4pts
S: Wine & Chocolate covered peanuts. -9pts


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