Weekend Recap!

Weekend was pretty good. I stayed on plan – even got some treats in there!

Friday night I saved points for chocolate covered peanuts & wine.

Saturday I don’t think I had any treats! I just enjoyed my planned menu.

Sunday I had, wait for it… biscuits with sausage gravy, Mexican food, AND a chocolate peanut-butter milkshake!

I still have 18WPs left and all 8APs left!

Speaking of APs, I got up Saturday morning & did 30 minutes of Sweatin’ to the Oldies – until I heard the one I love wake up & start talking to the dogs. I decided he didn’t need to see my struggle, yes struggle, with my workout DVD. So I stopped it at 30 minutes.

Then I somehow convinced the one I love to go on a trail walk on their farm. I convinced him by saying 20 minutes, but he just kept going and going – ended up being 45 minutes!

And speaking of the one I love – can I just say how supportive he’s being? To a point – I can’t fault the guy for wanting ice cream or beer & being able to eat 2 servings when I can’t. But he went for the trail walk with me and he even let me download the WW app to his smart phone so I can track my points when I’m at his house (no internet means I can’t track on my laptop or Ipod).


Today’s Plan of Attack

B: Greek yogurt, coffee. -2pts
S: Banana. -0pts
L: Taco salad, orange, SF jello pudding. -6pts
S: Apple & cheese stick. -2pts
A: 30-45min Sweatin’ to the Oldies
D: Subway -?? Haven’t tracked it yet
S: Wine??


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