Rounding Out Week 1

Week 1 is almost done.

For the most part I have stuck with my goals.

Ok, not for the most part. The only thing I have to do to stick with my goal is to get in at least a 10-20 minute workout tonight. Probably something small, maybe 1 mile of Walk Away the Pounds – they take about 15 minutes.

Next week I want to bump up my exercise. But honestly, I can’t say if that will happen or not. Right now I’m trying to mainly focus on eating right & it seems to be working for me. I am not an exercise person. I’m just not. And when I do it I want to be outside – it’s currently chilly here & it’s just miserable to be outside.

I really wish that I liked to work out. But I don’t. There’s no other way to put it. I don’t like it. I like the feeling afterwards. I like being sweaty & know I’m getting healthy. But I despise working out. I loved going to the Rec center. I need to look into renewing my pass with them – free! No excuse not to!!

I checked the scale just before lunch today. I’m pretty excited about what it said. A little annoyed also. I was really hoping that what the scale said last week was holiday weight bloat or something. But no, it was a true gain. And I’m a little upset with myself for gaining back so much weight. But if the scale was correct at lunch today, I’m on the right path!


Today’s Plan of Attack

B: Koshi GoLean bar & coffee. -5pts
S: Greek yogurt. -2pts
L: Salad & Smart ones. -8pts
S: Orange & cheese stick. -2pts
D: Chili & cornbread. -11pts


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